About the Living Kidney Donor Survey

With the input from other living kidney donors, I created this survey to help share the perspectives of other donors and to help guide conversations that can be difficult or overwhelming. The intention is not to reinforce any particular perspective, but to simply create a better and more complete starting point where information can seem scarce.

This Survey is Biased

All surveys can be biased and data is not always as precise as we'd like it to be. Before digging in to the results, look at how the respondents of this kidney donor survey answered a few key questions about their experience and think about how those answers may influence other responses throughout the survey.

Living Kidney Donor Survey Questions

The living kidney donor survey included 125 questions in total and took an average of 16 minutes to complete. I have attached a PDF of the full survey for anyone who is curious about what was asked and how things were phrased

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