Living Kidney Donor Survey Questions

If you haven’t already read the About the Survey page, I suggest starting there.

The living kidney donor survey included 125 questions in total and took an average of 16 minutes to complete. The live survey included logic jumps within the survey tool to skip questions that were not relevant to an individual journey. For example, if a respondent answered that they donated less than 2 years ago, I did not ask about their outcomes 5 years out.

As I started digging into the results, every question raised more questions in my mind. There’s a lot I wish I had asked or had asked more differently. Not all of the questions turned out to be interesting or useful so I can’t promise I will have too much to say about every question. I will do my best to pull out the things I think others will find interesting and hope that it can be used as a starting point to guide important conversations.

I am attaching a PDF of the full survey for anyone who is curious about what was asked and how things were phrased: Living Kidney Donor Survey 2018

Please feel free to reach out if you have questions about the data or want to dig in to a particular area of the results. I’m open to sharing the raw data with anyone who wants to use it to help living kidney donors.

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