Financial Costs of Becoming a Living Kidney Donor

In the survey, I asked a number of questions about the out-of-pocket costs associated with becoming a living donors. To be honest, there are too many variables at play for the responses to be compiled in a meaningful way.

Everyone’s circumstances are so different that the best I can offer here is my running list of types of expenses involved in becoming a living kidney to help prospective donors think through the commitment they are making. Prospective living kidney donors should consider all costs including:

  • Travel expenses
  • Child care
  • Lost wages / disability insurance
  • Second opinions and follow up testing
  • Over-the-counter pain management
  • Incision care supplies
  • Long term health monitoring
  • Professional therapy

Shortly after I began promoting the living kidney donor survey in May 2018, I was contacted by Michael Mittelman who told me about the American Living Organ Donor Fund about his mission to help eliminate the costs associated with becoming a living kidney donor. If you are considering becoming a living kidney donors and want to learn more about the financial impacts, I highly recommend visiting his site.

This survey is biased. Please be sure to read more About the Survey and About the Sample Bias for additional context on how it was created and who participated.

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